Since joining Instagram with our @chi_loft_style account just a few weeks back, we have been so inspired by a number of interior design accounts. Often times it’s just regular people like us that have a passion for design who over the years have become AMAZING at it. We are still in our infancy and just learning. We literally change things around daily. We are FAR from experts at this point, so we use these Instagram accounts as a great source of inspiration. Even if you are a person that has a tough time visualizing how you can take what someone else has done in their place and incorporate it in your own, it’s still at the very least a source of inspiration. Luckily, we have at least a small knack for being able to see something, tweak it, and try to make it our own. In just the last month, we feel like our style has grown so much just from being more in tune with others in the space. We can’t wait to see where we are at a year from now.

Now to the main point of this blog post! Our downstairs bathroom had a beautiful tub already in it when we moved in. It’s the first time that either of us have had a tub like this in our lives. For the last 6 months that bathroom has remained relatively untouched from a design perspective, but recently we had favorited a few photos on insta that had similar tubs. One thing in common between all of them were they each had gorgeous bath tub caddies. Each were a different type of wood, and staged on the wood were varying candles, plants, books, etc…

This got us to searching! We went online to the regulars Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Rejuvination, CB2, Etsy, and the list goes on. We found a number of them that we liked and that were super similar to the things we have been seeing on insta. One thing in common between all the ones that we liked however was the price tag. Each was over $100. It was really hard for us to stomach forking over $100 for a piece of wood. That’s when we decided to get creative. One of our favorite spots in Chicago is a place called Chicago’s Rebuilding Exchange. This place is super cool. It’s filled with tons and tons of old reclaimed items for every piece of your home. Reclaimed wood, doors, windows, cabinets- you name it, they have a version of it here. We often like to just go in and walk around for fun. Anyway, what we decided to do was head over to the exchange and see if we could find a nice piece of wood and make the bath caddy ourselves. Before heading over, we measured the tub across, and added 1 to 2 inches to that measurement. We headed over and as soon as you walk in to the store, you hit the reclaimed wood section. To the left are tons of huge wood planks and next to that are these bins of “scrap” wood. We went searching through the scrap wood pile and there were TONS of good options. Ultimately we landed on a 56″ super thick piece of wood that matched exactly what we were looking for. The price tag $18. We brought it up front, had them cut it down to 31″ for $1 and we were out the door with the nicest bath caddy we could possibly find for $19. On top of that, we have another 15″ of wood remaining that we are thinking could make a beautiful serving tray. Take a look at the photos below. They seriously don’t even do this piece of wood justice because you can’t tell how thick and heavy it is all the way around.

Keep a look out for a post soon on our DIY bed!



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