If you have not heard of SuitSupply then consider this post a blessing! If you have heard of SuitSupply, then you will know exactly what I am talking about. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your significant other, SuitSupply is hands down the BEST store for men’s suits & jackets. They offer the high quality form fitting suits that you get from high end fashion, but for a fraction of the price. A suit that you can go to Barney’s or Neiman Marcus for and spend $2500-$3500, you can now find at SuitSupply for $399-$999. The great majority of their suits are actually in the $399-$599 price point. They have every style you could imagine! The prices I quoted above are their EVERYDAY prices, but you can now find suits starting at $249 on the outlet! Those are Joseph A Banks prices, but for European high fashion quality. This will be the last place you ever need to go to buy your suits in the future. If you are lucky enough to have a physical location in your city (like we do in Chicago) I highly recommend going in store. The entire staff is dressed impeccably and are incredibly helpful. I’m on the slimmer side and they always do an amazing job at making their already crazy good fitting suits fit even better. I have 4 suits (with a 5th on the way from the outlet), 2 jackets, and 4 pairs of pants from SuitSupply (also some shirts, sweaters, and accessories) and all of them are the best fitting dress clothes I own. I pretty much won’t wear anything else to a formal occasion anymore.

On a side note, I do love Tie Bar for ties and pocket squares, but that is for another post. I could go on and on about my love for SuitSupply, so I’ll stop my gushing now and let you go shopping. Seriously though, go check them out. You will be shocked at the amount of compliments you receive the first time you wear your brand new suit.




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